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Where To Get Dried Lavender | Lavender Dried

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How do you get dried lavender?

You can buy dried lavender from some specialty shops or in most cases the best way to get dried lavender if from a lavender farm.  Lavender farms will sell dried lavender in many different ways such as lavender stems more about that here.

You will want to make sure you select a lavender that is best suited for what you are trying to do. Some lavender producers spray there crops that is fine for a lavender to decorate. But should never be used to consume in a tea or food. This is not always made clear when buying cheaper lavender online. You should carefully check the description of any lavender you buy to see its intended use.

Does Trader Joe's sell lavender buds | Lavender Tea

Traders Joe's sells lavender buds as dryer bags, But not for cooking or tea. Some of them carry tea bags that contain dried flowers like lavender. Finding a true lavender tea made with real lavender flowers is harder. I could not find anything close to real dry lavender at Trader Joe's store.

How long does dried Culinary lavender last for cooking

culinary lavender

When we are talking about using dried lavender for cooking we usually are referring to lavender buds. Dried lavender can last for over a year when stored properly. We talk about storing lavender more in depth here.

Culinary lavender will be usable for about a year when stored properly. However the oils in the lavender like other spices begin to change over time. I prefer to use my lavender within 3 months if i plan to cook with it. If I intend to use it in a tea with other herbs I will keep up to 5 months, I find the fragrance it adds to teas make up for the lack of flavor it loses.

Can you get lavender dried from a grocery store?

Some specialty shops that carry local goods will sell dried lavender. If you want to buy lavender your best bet is to buy it online from a lavender farm. Be careful that you buy culinary lavender that is meant for consumption. Not all lavender is safe to eat. Some lavender growers spray there lavender with unsafe pesticides. These lavenders are only meant to be used for decoration and should not be cooked with. Some lavenders are also grow for oil production and don't taste good. Look for the word culinary on the label.

If you are looking for lavender for decorating try our dried lavender vase design article. 

Does lavender buds have lavender oils?

Yes lavender buds have oils in them. The amount of oil contained within a lavender bud depends on the variety. Different lavenders are grow for different reasons. Lavender grown for herbal tea or flower tea has less oil in it. Some varieties of lavender have high oils in them they are grow for the sole purpose of oils. The oils they produce are to add to fragrance or lavender products. Lavender dried for flower arrangements also contain oil but moist has evaporated, since the buds or flowers are allowed to open a little before harvest. This creates a more visually appealing lavender.

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