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Dried Lavender Uses and Lavender Storage

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As a general rule dried lavender uses include Sachets, Tea, Cooking, Bouquets, Bunches and Aroma or Fragrance. Lavender Storage options include Jars, Bags and Hanging. The uses of dried lavender varies from adding scent and flavor to teas or meals, While providing beauty and scent in ways like fragrance and sachets.

How to dry lavender

To dry lavender cut lavender stems about 6 inches from buds. This is done on average before the buds open in spring. You want to keep the oil inside the buds to avoid evaporation. Group the lavender into a bunch of around 20 stems. String or rubber bands can be used to bind the lavender. Find a location the is dry with good airflow to hang the lavender upside down ( Buds facing the floor). Barns, Sheds and Garages work well for this. Let the lavender dry for 7 to 10 days. You can feel the lavender buds if they are squishy continue till dried. You are looking for a fragile lavender bud that crumbles. Dried lavender is a delicate flower handle with care when removing from drying rack. Your main goal is to remove the water in the lavender.


What is dried lavender good for?

Dried lavender is good for making crafts such as sachets and wreaths. Lavender dried is also great for adding scent and flavor to tea and food.If your interested in growing lavender to get your own fresh lavender we created a short Ebook on the topic Growing Lavender.

You can also soak lavender in sugar to create a simple lavender syrup. There is a variety of baked goods like cookies and breads lavender can be used in.

Dried lavender sachets

lavender sachets

Dried lavender is often used to make lavender sachets. Lavender helps repel moths and make a great deodorizer for your clothes drawers.  Lavender sachets are also used as party favors for weddings and baby showers. They make a great bulk gift that has a wonderful scent guest will adore. You can make them yourself to save on money or buy in bulk to save time. You can also bundle the sachet with a spa collection or in shop collections if you sell them. If you buy more than a few insure the orders are made fresh.

lavender book

How long will dried lavender last?

How long lavender last vs weather it keeps its scent are different things. We will discuss lavender smell and how long lavender keeps it smell below. lavender will last for years if dried properly and taking care of. Lavender is often placed in vases and bowels or as dried bundles around the home for all to see and admire. Lavender holds up vary well in dry conditions once dried. The more time you take to make sure the lavender is dried the longer it will last. To extend the dried flowers keep them away from sunlight and try to keep the humidity low. Moisture will cause the lavender to wilt or decay. English lavender and French lavender last the longest. I find Spanish lavender does not hold up well for long periods of time.

Does lavender keep its smell?

Lavender will start to lose its smell within one to three months depending when and how it was harvested. When dried its important to make sure the lavender flowers have closed buds. This helps contain the oil the lavender herbs produce. A lavender farm will harvest lavender at different times for different reasons. Some lavender flowers are for looks only while others are harvested for the oil to make herbal products like essential oil. Look at the buds of the lavender flowers to see if they are closed if your goal is to have a lasting smell.

How much is dried lavender worth?

Lavender fields

Standard lavender mass produced is valued at around $25 to $30 dollars a pound for English lavender. Culinary lavender sells for around $1.75 to $3.00 a ounce. Lavender buds for crafting are often in the $20 to $25 dollar per pound cost. True English lavender to more valuable than French lavender or Spanish lavender. Also organic lavender is often grown in smaller amounts and are sold at a higher cost. Dried is around the same cost as fresh lavender. Lavender used to create essential oil also will see a slight cost increase.

Organic lavender

Lavender grown organically should state that on the information tabs. Bulk lavender is typically not organic so check before you buy. Even if organic means are used to grow the lavender that does not make it certified organic. 

Certified organic lavender

To be certified lavender as organic you have to get a certificate from the state where the lavender is grown. They will often do annual inspections of the lavender farm to make sure you meet the requirements to clam your lavender organic.

Non certified lavender dried

As stated before large lavender farms are usually not organic. They use fertilizers and pesticides to increase production. When you see large amounts of lavender for very low prices these are often grown outside the U.S. and Europe and do not meet certified standards. 

Lavender for tea and more

 Lavender buds or lavender buds can be used to make a fantastic drink. People often mix lavender with mint or sage for a strong more brew that replaces coffee. If you haven't tried lavender buds or syrups in your drinks and teas give it a try. French lavender is the strongest of these if you like a more bitter drink.

Lavender for cooking

French lavender is also popular in cooking. Lavender can be bought in bundles or just the herbs flowers bud. Lavender is a great addition to any home cook. Some dishes lavender is most popular in is lavender bread and cookies. Lavender also adds a nice smell to chicken and beef dishes. I will often sprinkle lavender as a visual garnish when looking for unique ways to present a dish for special occasions.

This is a overview of what lavender has to offer in other articles we cover additional uses and types of lavender. We also go into how to grow lavender and problems with lavender. 

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