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Dried Lavender Stems | Lavender Dried In Stem Bunches

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What do you do with dried lavender lower stems?

The stems of lavender can be used in many ways including cocktail stems, stir sticks and scent logs made from stem bundles dried. If you want to use the dried flowers of a lavender bundle for just the buds. You can still make good use of the stems left over. I like to take a lavender bunch and remove the top half for flowers bundles. I than dry the stems in bunches to make scented logs. They not only add a cottage feel but keep there smell for up to 3 months. If you want a fancy touch added to dinner make cocktails and use the stems and toothpicks to hold olives or fruit. Every time you take a sip you get a sweet smell of lavender. 

Can you dry lavender stems?

Yes lavender stems can be dried in bunches. You need to first decide what you are doing with the dried stem bunches. If you plan to remove the flowers to make essential oil you want to harvest early in the season before the flowers open. For dried lavender bunches to be used in bouquet for a wedding, you want the flowers to open before you harvest the stems.

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How do you dry fresh lavender stems bunches?

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Once you have harvested the lavender, Gather and bundle lavender into sets of twenty. Hang the bunches in a dry place away from direct sunlight for 7 to 10 days. Once dried you can remove the buds to use the lavender and save the lavender dried stem for other projects. Or keep the lavender dried of floral arrangements. 

How long does dried lavender stems last?

Dried lavender will last up to 3 months if stored in a low humidity location. We talk more about making lavender last and storing lavender long term in our dried lavender uses article.

Artificial bundle lavender stem vs bundles natural for essential oil

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I often get asked about using artificial lavender in bundles for special occasions. The current price of lavender vs its artificial counterpart is very affordable. I would always recommend using a dried lavender if your worried about things like wilting. They hold up well and the bundles natural scent adds a lot to the event. Try to order lavender to be delivered fresh about 24 to 72 hours before an event to ensure they look there best. Lavender that is dried can be bought 30 days prior to an event and will still smell wonderful the day of. Just remember to keep them away from moisture. Lavender dried will absorb the humidity around it and that can lead to wilting. Check out where to get dried lavender here.

Dried lavender bundle stems and dried flowers

The dried flowers of lavender otherwise known as buds are great for many craft projects. Lavender sachets are made from dried lavender buds and used as party gifts and odor removers in dresser draws. Whole lavender that's been dried often used to create lavender wreaths, floral arrangements and bundles. The lavender dried stems are often used as cocktail spears, Potpourri or my favorite lavender stem bundles for a rustic scented logs. You can even burn the logs in the fireplace to add a lavender smell to your house. People often discard the dried stems of lavender once they remove the flowers but I encourage everyone to try to use them. Another great use for dried stems are to use them during grilling they add a great smoke flavor to meat. I have also used the dried stems for burger picks in this case make sure the lavender was grown organic. Emjoy you dried stems.  Need lavender soap how about how to make lavender soap at home.

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