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Dried Lavender in vase | Dried Lavender Vase Design

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Dried lavender holds its form and color very well. Lavender buds also make a great base to fill the bottom of vases with. We will go over some basic of lavender in vases below. For more about dried lavender as a whole visit are dried lavender article.

Can you put dried lavender in a vase

Yes you can put dried lavender in vase as a bottom filler or as stems with other dried florals like roses or ferns. A lavender bundle is fragile when dried make sure to not touch the lavender buds. If the dried flower drops some of there buds you can place them in the bottom of the vase. You can even go vase free by laying lavender flowers on there side on mantles or tables for a cottage feel. Choose a glass vase when possible wood vases hold moisture.

How long does dried lavender last in vases

Dried lavender will last up to 3 months if they are kept dry. High humidity can cause the life of the dried flowers to be shorter down to a few weeks. If your unsure weather you can add lavender to your home decor do a trial dried flowers for a few weeks and look for wilting. Vase dried lavender will not wilt in the right conditions. It is also important to keep dried lavender away from direct sunlight which can bleach the color of the flowers. Find where to get lavender at.

How do you store dried lavender in a vase and other dried florals

Lavender dried for vases should be kept bundled and away from sunlight. Do not place flowers that hold moisture with the lavender or it will start to wilt. Once dried it does not want any moisture near it. Keep the lavender away from the bath and kitchen where steam is produced. Lavender that is dry is also flammable you want to keep it away from candles and fireplaces around your home. For more on dried lavender stems.

How long does dried lavender flowers last in a jar 

dried lavender in a jar

 You can put lavender buds in a jar with a lid and as long as they are completely dry, they will last up to a year. You can buy lavender in jars as part of shop collections for spring. They make a great gift and are among the favorites of gardeners.You can also find them included with some spa collection and lavender collection.

How to keep dried lavender from shedding

 dried lavender shedding

The best way to make sure your lavender does not shed is to make sure nothing comes in contact with the lavender buds. Lavender buds are held on to the stem by a very delicate branch even brushing other dried flowers against the lavender will cause shedding. The flower buds of lavender are beautiful by them self I in courage you to try to add them to your decor if your lavender sheds.

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