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Where to Buy Lavender Syrup and Other Syrups Online

Written by: Victoria

Lavender syrup and other syrups can be found at most retail outlets in the wine section. They are often used for the creation of cocktails and other mixed drinks. Online retailers like target, Walmart, and Publix offer online delivery of these simple syrups. If you would like to make your own homemade lavender syrup we offer a lavender syrup kit in our online shop. Instructions on how to make homemade lavender can be found here.

Add Lavender Syrup and Other Syrups to Your Cart at the store

You will be surprised home many different flavor syrups including lavender syrup there are. They pair well with wines to help draw out the wild taste. You can find flavored syrup in most wine sections of retailers. They are often used in the making of cocktails. 

Expanding Your Taste with Items Like Lavender Syrup

Adding floral like lavender syrup to coffees, desserts, even dinners like roast can really change the flavor and bring a unique taste and look to many dishes. 

Does Torani make lavender syrup?

Yes Torani makes a lavender flavored syrup. We listed the ingredients below.  Torani has many flavors of simple syrups that can be found at most retailers.

What is a good substitute for lavender syrup?

A good substitute to lavender syrup is a organic lavender oil in small amounts can give the same flavor. This only works well with certain things like lavender oil added to coffee more about that.

Does lavender syrup have actual lavender?


Most store bought lavender syrup does not contain actual lavender. Instead they are made with a of flavoring that emulates lavender syrup flavor. Monin does state they use a natural lavender flavor. If you want to try true lavender syrup you will most likely need to purchase a lavender syrup kit or the ingredients to make the lavender syrup at home. We offer a lavender syrup kit for homemade lavender syrup below. Or you can buy from these brands that offer a similar experiences of good syrup available from most retailers.

The two biggest brands that offer a lavender syrup flavor are Monin and Torani. 

The ingredients listed on there labels are listed below. 

Monin Lavender syrup

Pure can sugar, water, natural flavors, spirulina, xanthan gum, natural lavender flavor, vegetable juice, potassium citrate

Torani Lavender syrup

Pure can sugar, water, Natural flavors, Citric acid, sodium benzoate, FD&c red #40, FD&C blue #1

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