Live Lavender Christmas Tree

Live Lavender Christmas Tree

Written by: Victoria

Want to mix it up this holiday season try something new. A live lavender Christmas tree will add a unique look to anyone's holiday décor. 

Lavender Christmas Tree Décor

These plants look amazing on mantles and tucked into smaller spaces. People  tend to smell them before they see them and quickly add a spark of conversation. I wrap my plants in red fabric and place them on the mantle between two amaryllises. One year we treated the plant as a snowman and gave it a little scarf and hat. I know it sounds tacky but the kids loved it. We also use the plant in corners by our shoe rack where we would have to worry about a tree being knocked over. 

    Lavender Christmas Tree Plant Care

    The lavender Christmas tree is not fussy some simple care steps to take care of this plant are:
    • Letting the plant dry between watering too much water will kill the plant.
    • Trim foliage back in winter if you want flowers come spring. 
    • Give plenty of daylight a south-facing window works great to get flowers to bloom.
    • Look for any sign of wilting this will give you hints as to whether the plant is under stress.
    • Finally, place the plant in your garden during the summer nothing can replace the real sun for the health of your plant.
    • Keep you animals safe with more on lavenders affect on animals.

    Mini Lavender Christmas Trees

    Having a live tree for Christmas is a time-honored tradition but sometimes you do not have the room for one. Lavender plants fill that void. You can find these on amazon, got to love free shipping, or sometimes these plants can be found in the produce aisle sold in an annual container.

      Holiday Plants

       5 additional holiday plants include:
      1. Poinsettias 
      2. Holiday lavender 
      3. Amaryllis
      4. Pine and cedar trees
      5. My local flower farm makes trees from trimmings mixed with white flowers and lavender. 
      If you are in need of corporate gifts plants like these are great for work gifts.

        Rosemary Christmas Tree

        The tradition of using herb perennials as Christmas trees is alive and well. Rosemary along with plants like thyme and lavender plants are formed into mini trees for the holiday season. This is a cheap environmentally friendly way to have a tree for Christmas. You even get to keep the tree year around and the fresh trimmings are amazing for meals. Its a garden and a holiday tree in one. 

          Fragrant Holiday Lavender Tree

          If you want a fragrant holiday tree lavender is a great plant. Our 3 most fragrant holiday trees are:
            1. Pine: For many people, the smell of pine is a Christmas staple that can't be beaten.
            2. Lavender trees: Not only is this lavender tree ( we talk more about the tree here) a great starter piece for the holidays. But adds a softer scent than other options.
            3. Rosemary: A great alternative if stronger smells bother you.

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