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Lavender tree temperature tolerance - Lavender climate

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Lavender trees have the same temperature tolerance as other lavender plants. In general you can expect the lavender tree to withstand temps from 25 to 95 degrees.

Do I need to protect the lavender plant from frost?

Some varieties need to be protected from frost while others are frost-hardy down to zone 5a. English lavender will regularly survive winters in colder climates. Where Spanish varieties are less cold tolerant and can survive winter only for temperatures that do not consistently fall well below freezing. So if you have Spanish lavender make sure to bring it indoors or cover it with a frost blanket if left outside. It is recommended to not grow Spanish lavender outside zone 6b.


Can lavender trees survive winter climate?

Yes, a lavender tree will survive winter if it is either of English or French lavender varieties. We discuss lavender tree care including winter care in our lavender tree article.

You can try these 5 tips for the lavender tree to survive winter care.

  1. Cover the canopy of the lavender tree with frost cloth when temperatures drop below freezing.
  2. Lay hay at the base of the lavender tree to help keep roots warm.
  3. Stack tall things around lavender to block from extreme winds
  4. Adjust planting dates to ensure lavender has time to establish roots before winter.
  5. Choose lavender varieties that are cold and hardy.


Spanish lavender temperature tolerance

Spanish lavender cold hardiness is down to 10F or zone 6b-9. The plant is better known for being heat tolerant. Lavender like a dry warm climate English lavender is o.k. with colder temperatures but Spanish lavender wants warm temperatures. If you live in a warm climate zone 7 or higher try Spanish lavender plants. If you are colder than zone 6 it is best to stay with English or French Lavender. As for upper-temperature limits, lavender is fine with temperatures that sit in the 90s although some additional watering may be needed. Keep in mind humidity is a problem for lavender. Humidity can lead to fungus issues on lavender if you live in a humid environment you will want to watch for possible fungus issues.



Can lavender survive winter in pots?

If you want to plant lavender in pots there are some things to consider for their winter survival.

  • Temperature: lavender prefers warmth the plant does not like the cold. Some zone 5 types can only survive outside because their roots are protected by the ground. If you leave lavender in pots in winter the roots are exposed on all sides adding stress to the plant.
  • Room: do you have the room to bring the lavender plant inside in winter. A sunroom to put the plants inside in winter is a good way to keep lavender in pots in winter,
  • Wind Block: If you have a way to provide a wind block for the lavender plants in pots it's a good way to increase survivability.
  • Protect the roots: You can help protect the lavender plants' roots by stacking them next to each other and covering them in hay to increase their cold tolerance and help with water conservation.


How hardy are lavender trees?

The hardiness of the lavender tree depends on the variety. English lavender is a good choice to go with for winter gardens. The best advice is if you live in a cold zone go with English there hardy and have great foliage as well as a big flowering display in spring. For added beauty combine French blue lavender flowers with purple English lavender flowers. Both species are cold hardy for winter. For more about lavender in winter.


Can lavender trees survive outside?

If a lavender plant can survive in your zone a lavender tree will survive outside. Lavender trees are just a standard lavender pruned and trained to be a lavender trees. For more tree information about lavender see the article mentioned above. We also have a lavender care download with information on lavender stems and how to prune lavender.


Can I bring my lavender tree in for the winter?

In general, most plants including lavender can be brought inside. Pick a site in your house where lavender plants have good sunlight. South-facing windows work best for most places.


Growing lavender temperature

To grow lavender from seed you need warm humid temps from 65 to 75 degrees. Lavender is hardy once past seed state but is difficult to grow from seed.

If you want to grow lavender from seed expect a low germination rate. Plan 4 to 6 weeks for the root and woody base to form. Lavender is similar to rosemary in the root takes time to support the woody base. Once you see the base stems from wood-like growth the lavender will be ready for more temperature fluctuation.


Lavender care in winter

Care for lavender in winter is simple. Keep in a well-protected space or indoors. Lavender hates the cold make sure the plants are covered or suitable for your climate.


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