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lavender bonsai tree

Written by Victoria

Can you bonsai lavender?

Yes you can bonsai lavender trees. Many people have created a lavender bonsai. Lavender makes a very forgiving tree. We wrote more about growing a lavender tree. See below for how to create bonsai trees. Tree care is simple and relaxing so jump in and give it a try. 

How do I grow lavender bonsai?

You can easily grow lavender in a bonsai. Follow these steps to grow a lavender bonsai tree.
  • Buy bonsai soil: Lavender loves soil dry soil made for bonsai trees works great.
  • pick a lavender plant that is about a year old. Your looking for a woody base to start forming a bonsai tree.
  • Trim often Your bonsai tree will need to be trimmed 4 to 5 times a year to avoid to much growth.
  • Do not over soak the soil keep the soil moist but not wet. Wet soil will lead to fungus on your bonsai. Replace soil every year.

Pick a great location and enjoy.

Which is the best Bonsai tree for beginners?

Bonsai that are good for beginners are ones that can withstand pruning and some mistakes.
  • My favorite bonsai for beginners are:
  • Bonsai lavender 
  • Orange jasmine
  • Brush cherry
  • Pine 

Keep i mind you can pick almost any flower tree or trees you like.

Take your grow zone into account make sure if you plan to keep your bonsai outside that the bonsai is hardy in your climate. More about lavender in winter.

Bonsai Trees | Bonsai care

  • Bonsai is a art form and bonsai care is subject to the individual. There area some general rules for growing bonsai and pre bonsai care.
  • Start bonsai trees in very small pots and increase the pot size for the bonsai tree every few years. Repotting bonsai will be a constant care factor.
  • Use proper supplies to care for your bonsai. You want good root tools to remove old soil. Good quality bonsai pots are important a cheap pot will lead to problems later on. Look for a mentor that can share supplies and knowledge in your area. Bonsai tree growing is a long complicated process.
  • Plan if your bonsai will be kept indoor or outside, you will need a pot with drainage for outside bonsai. Check at a nursery that specializes in bonsai. 

lavender star bonsai care

  • Lavender star flower bonsai is named so for its color it is not related to the lavender flower family. Lavender star flower is a tree from the Australia  and Africa regions of the world. There is a bonsai kit for lavender star a quick search will find you a lavender star bonsai. You may want to buy a lavender star flower just for your garden there a pretty flower.
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