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Is lavender tree safe for cats or toxic to pets?

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Yes, lavender is toxic to cats and many other animals. Cats and small animals should be kept away from all lavender and lavender products such as oil and creams. Since a lavender tree is a lavender plant that has been grown as a standard cats should be kept away from it. 

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Can the smell of lavender hurt cats?

Yes if a strong enough exposure is made it can harm the lungs of the cat. Cats and other animals also find the smell of lavender offensive and will stray away from it. Lavender plants and oils are often used in animal and insect repellants for this reason. Felines are smart animals and, in most cases, will stay clear of lavender in the garden. 

Can I plant lavender plants if I have a cat?

On average the lavender plant itself is relatively harmless for felines making it safe to plant lavender. Look at lavender for your climate. As said above cats will normally stay clear of lavender due to the strong scent. Meaning lavender plants in your garden are generally safe for cats. In most cases it is the lavender oil that is toxic for cats.

How much lavender is toxic to cats?

Even a small amount of lavender can be toxic in oil form. Even though the lavender plant is generally safe, if your cat eats to much, take them to the vet. Signs of ingested lavender includes vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. To keep your pets happy, plant your lavender in harder to reach spots in the garden or mix them in with other flowers to hide them from view. Lavender (lavandula) oil diffuser, essential oils and other products can cause lavender toxicity so to try to store them in a pet free site.

Is dried lavender plant safe for cats (oil safe)

Even though the live plant is generally ok, lavender sprigs or dried lavender contain condensed Lavender oil that can lead to lavender poisoning. Keep your family cats health in mind and avoid these calming products. There are better products to give your cats besides lavender. When picking treatments for your cats choose ones that stand with the prevention of cruelty to animals and doesn't test their treatments on cats or other animals. 

5 Products your pet cats will love instead of lavender.

  • Cats love catnip in small amounts. Catnip is fantastic alternative to lavender.
  • Valerian Some cats don’t respond to catnip but will love valerian and is safer than lavender.
  • Calendula is a great for a cat as a topical for irritated skin.
  • Cat grass did you know there is a grass designed to be good for your cats. check it out.
  • Dill it’s a nice treat for your cat just limit the amount as too much can cause upset stomachs in your cat.

lavender toxicity study 

Even though this study posted in the National Library Of Medicine applies to humans, not cats it shows the chemical reason behind why lavender irritates cats and other small animals skin. When lavender is applied to human skin, parts are repelled when applied to a cat, the oil is held in place by the fur on the cat.

In conclusion, choose other herbs and plants for your cat. Lavender is not worth risking the health of your cat. 

Cat ate lavender what to do for your pet.

Since we know lavender is mildly toxic to cats. You want to take your cat to the vet if they consume too much lavender. If you cannot afford to take your cat to the vet, monitor the cat for 24 to 48 hours for signs of illness. If the cat begins to vomit or has diarrhea take the cat to the vet right away. The cats lavender exposure may be severe.

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