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Dried Lavender Bouquet | Dried Lavender Bunches How To Care For

Written by: Victoria

Dried lavender bouquet are used for special events like weddings and offer a keepsake of the day that will last for years to come. We cover how to make your lavender bunches for home décor or lavender bouquet for a special event last. The two biggest tips to making a dried lavender stem last, is keeping it away from moisture and direct sunlight for long periods of time.

How long does a dried lavender bouquets last?

 How long a bouquet last will depend on how fresh it is. A bouquet of dried lavender will lose it smell over about 1 to 3 months. The color of dried lavender can last years if properly cared for. If others flowers are added to the bouquet that can effect the time it last as well. Lavender has a much longer shelf life dried than most flowers. We have included some tips to help your lavender flower bouquet last longer below.

What can I do with a bundle of dried lavender stems?

dried lavender stems

 Main uses for dried lavender stems include:

  • Décor for home
  • essential oils 
  • fragrance
  • home made products like the ones found in our shop

We encourage you to experiment with new and fun ways to use lavender. Some ways we like to use lavender is to create lavender wreaths at holidays. Make table center pieces for events or family get to gathers. 

How long are lavender stems?

Most lavender stems vary from 6 inches to 14 inches in length. In our shop we average about 10 inches from tip to base of lavender stem. Lavender stems in a dried bouquet or bunches will vary. These are organic plants and no stem is the same as another. Lavender is a delicate flower dried it is better to not have to long of stems as they can break. It also depends on the purpose of the lavender stem. We make different crafts in our shop and will cut the stems to the desired length for that. Dried lavender can be trimmed easily. 

Does dried lavender keep its smell?

Dried lavender can hold its scent up to three months if maintained well. We go more into keeping lavender in a vase in this post. 

For tips for keeping lavender smelling great include:
  1. Keep dust off pedals it will adsorb the oils that give lavender it's scent.
  2. Gentle (lavender is very delicate) rub the pedals of the lavender every few weeks this will help revive and release lavenders natural oils.
  3. Get big lavender bundles the more the lavender the bigger the scent. 
  4. Keep dry, wet lavender will wilt and fade fast.

What dried variety of lavender has the best scent and color.

True English lavender is known as the pillar of lavender when it comes to color and scent. It is important to look for fresh dried lavender when trying to get the best scent and color. Lavender color fades over time and the smell start to fade as well. Your best bet when looking for dried lavender is to buy from a local lavender farm. If one is not near you, look for organic lavender farms like ours that sell online. 

How do you preserve dried lavender bouquets | Bunches?

Dried lavender bouquet in vase

Preserving your lavender bunch is easy since there already dry. The biggest two things that can effect lavender and a lavender item are sun and moisture. The sun will slowly wash the color out of the lavender. Moisture will cause the lavender to wilt and mold. We go into greater detail on storing lavender in this post.

How to get lavender bouquet delivery?

dried lavender bouquet shop

Three steps to get lavender bouquet delivery.

  1. Pick a variety of lavender some are better for for home decor, While others make a beautiful bouquet for the big event.
  2. Take harvest and shipping times into account. Lavender has a small window for dried harvest. 
  3. How many stems do you want. A big bundle or smaller bouquet for example for brides maids. 
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