Diy how to make lavender soap

DIY - How to Make Lavender Soap at Home


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To make lavender soap you need to start with a soap base add lavender oils and lavender flowers to the melted soap base. Pour you soap base into a soap mold and allow to cool. Once lavender soap is cooled allow soap to cure for 2 weeks before use.


DIY - Make Your Own Lavender Soap at Home

Who isn't fascinated by the idea of creating their own lavender soap? Engaging in a relaxing DIY project not only allows you to control the ingredients in your soap, but also to indulge in the soothing scent of lavender. It's an interesting DIY that'll have you feeling like a professional soap maker. Here's how to successfully create homemade lavender soap. Naturally, you'll need lavender  to imbue your soap with that lovely aroma. You need a soap base, melt and pour is easiest to use. Finally you need a soap mold. The process of making soap at home can seem daunting, but once you've got the hang of it, making your own lavender soap will become a favored pastime. 


Get Ready & Understand All about Making Lavender Soap

Ready to understand all about how to make lavender soap? It's a fun, DIY project that allows you to create your own soap at home. You've got an understanding of how the process works with our previous subtitle, "DIY - Make Your Own Lavender Soap at Home", now it's time to delve in deeper. Lavender's calming scent is a favorite among all soap varieties, not just for its fragrance but for its relaxing properties. Making your own lavender soap isn't just about having a homemade product but also about the journey of creating it. It's instilling all your love and care into each bar of soap. Understand that it's the craftsmanship and personal touch that makes your lavender soap special. Lavender, soap, and your creativity, all come together to create something beautiful. So let's understand all about this fascinating process.


All Essential Tools and Ingredients for Home-made Lavender Soap

 Lavender soap supplies

Making lavender soap at home isn't complicated if you've got the right essential tools and ingredients. Our list of essential tools and ingredients for home lavender soap include:

  1. Soap Base 1lb, you can make your soap base from scratch, But I recommend using a premade melt and pour soap base for you first few batches of soap making.
  2. Soap colorant if desired. I prefer not to use colorants it can be difficult to get consistent color in your soap bars.
  3. Essential oils, lavender in particular, usher the scent into your soap. Lavender's calming aroma naturally lends itself to a soothing bathing experience. Apart from lavender and essential oils, you'll needlavender oil
  4. Soap molds, There are two types of soap molds that are most used. A silicon flexible mold this is the cheapest and easiest to use. Or wooden frame molds made for larger batches of soap. lavender soap mold
  5. Bowl, microwave safe bowl to melt the melt and pour soap.
  6. Microwave, To melt the the soap for mixing and molding.
  7. Lavender buds, These add a unique look and home made soap feel to your lavender soap.lavender buds dried
  8. Water bottle with a 10 percent rubbing alcohol mix. (optional)

lavender soap done

    We will discuss how to create make soap with these ingredients below.

    Soap, key components in any DIY home soap project, is especially vital when creating lavender soap. Home-made products often have a special charm and lavender soap is no exception. These lavender-infused soaps are not just great for personal use but make for great gifts too.
    When venturing into soap-making at home, ingredients aren't as vast as you might think. Essential oils, lavender in particular, usher the scent into your soap. Lavender's calming aroma naturally lends itself to a soothing bathing experience. Apart from lavender and essential oils, you'll need soap base, purple soap colorant among others. 
    Lavender soap's home-making process needs essential tools like soap molds, a soap cutter, and a microwaveable bowl. These are integral for ensuring the soap hardens correctly and features a professional finish.


    Necessary items for creating Lavender Soap Bars at home

    Creating lavender soap bars at home requires specific, yet easily accessible items. First, the necessary items include lavender, the star ingredient, which enhances the soap's aromatic nature. You'll also need bars of soap to start with; these will serve as your base to create your luxurious home-made lavender soap bars. Don't forget lavender essential oil to intensify the relaxing aroma. Next, soap molds will shape your soap into bars. With all these items in hand, you're ready to get down to the business of creating your very own bars of lavender soap in the comfort of your home. The pride and satisfaction you'll feel, not to mention the calming, soothing smell of lavender permeating your home, make it an enjoyable and rewarding DIY project.


    Step-by-step Instructions to Make Lavender Soap


    If you're intrigued by the idea of homemade lavender soap and are seeking detailed, step-by-step instructions, you've come to the right place. Making lavender soap can seem complicated, but with the right guidance, it's actually rather simple. You'll be crafting luxuriously scented soap bars in no time.

    First, gather the essential tools and ingredients we've listed for you. Make sure you're ready to tackle the task, because understanding the soap-making process is key to success. The lavender scent not only adds a calming aroma but also benefits for the skin. Following our instructions, you'll learn how to mix and mold the soap, ensuring a perfect lavender soap bar every time. Don't forget to pay extra attention to safety, as working with soap ingredients can be hazardous. So, let's get started and make some lavender soap that you'll love!


    Steps for how to make lavender soap

    1. Melt your soap base,

    • Cut a pound of soap melt and pour base into 1/2 inch slices.

    lavender soap melt slices

    • Cut each slice into 6 smaller pieces 

    lavender soap melt cubed

    • place soap base cubes into a microwave safe container.

    lavender soap base partial melting

    • Microwave soap base until complete liquid do not over heat the soap base it will burn. Here is a chart of approximate melt times for melt and pour soap bases.

    lavender soap base fully melted


                                                         Melt and Pour Soap Base                          Approximate Melt times in a microwave at 1100 watts
    Honey 1 minute 45 seconds
    Goat Milk 1 minute 55 seconds
    Shea Butter 1 minute 05 seconds
    Cocoa Butter 1 minute 00 seconds
    Oatmeal 1 minute 25 seconds
    Clear Glycerin 2 minute 15 seconds



    2. Pour melted soap base into soap mold. Fill molds about half way to desired thickness. To help remove bubbles spritz lightly with rubbing alcohol. 

    lavender mold half full

    3. Apply 3 drops of lavender essential oil to the top of each bar.

    lavender oil added to soap base

    4. Add 1 tablespoon of lavender buds to the surface of the soap poured into the soap mold. Try to spread the lavender buds evenly when placing them. If your not sure how to get dried lavender.

    lavender buds dried add to soap mold

    5. Pour the remaining Soap base over the buds in the mold. You are trying to seal the lavender buds into the soap bar as they will become gray in color if left to the air. Do not worry if a few buds do not get covered it still looks amazing.

    lavender soap mold topped off with soap base

    6. Avoid touching the molds for at least 12 to 24 hours to allow the molds to harden. This is very important if your molds have any design details. 

    7. After 24 hours remove soaps from molds and place on wax paper to finish curing over the next 7 to 14 days. 

    8. Store in  dry place I wrap mine in plastic wrap and place in a bin with a lid on it.  A little more about how to store your lavender.


    Guidance on how to follow DIY Lavender Soap Instructions

    If you're looking for guidance on how to craft your own DIY lavender soap, you've come to the right place. Lavender soap not only has a delightful scent it's also a pleasure to make. Here, we'll provide comprehensive instructions on this fragrant DIY craft. You don't need to be an expert soap maker, with our guidance, you'll easily follow the steps. We'll tell you everything about making lavender soap right at home. The process involves essential tools and ingredients which we have discussed in previous sections of this article. Necessary items for creating lavender soap bars right at home include lye and lavender essential oil to name a few. By following our step-by-step instructions closely, you'll be able to make soft, aromatic, and therapeutic lavender soap bars with ease. Do it yourself, make lavender soap at home today!


    The Role of Lavender Essential Oil in Soap making

    Lavender essential oil plays a pivotal role in soap marking. It's not only used for its delightful, calming scent; it's brimming with benefits for your skin as well. This essential oil is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent ingredient for soap. When you're involved in DIY soap making, adding lavender essential oil ensures a comforting and therapeutic experience every time you use your home-made soap. The process of integrating lavender, particularly lavender essential oil into soap marking is relatively straightforward and worth the effort. Beyond creating a lovely scent, the role of this essential oil enhances your skincare routine substantially. With each DIY lavender soap bar you create at home, you're not just making a soap; you're crafting a soothing, skin-nurturing experience for everyone.


    Calculating How much Lavender Essential Oil to Use in Soap

    When it comes to DIY soap, calculating how much lavender essential oil to use can be tricky. You don't want to go overboard, but you need enough to reap the benefits. It's essential to understand that lavender essential oil plays a crucial role in your soap's overall performance. Too little, and your lavender soap might lack the soothing scent and skin benefits associated with the oil. Too much, and your soap could irritate the skin. Generally, for a mild lavender scent, use a 1-1 ratio - for each pound of soap, use one ounce of lavender essential oil.. For a strong scent, you may double this. Remember, everyone's preference and skin tolerance varies, so start with less oil and gradually increase the quantity in your next batch of soap, if desired. We find that about 3 drops of lavender oil per bar creates a nice lasting scent. 


    Using Lavender-Infused Oil in Soap Recipes

    If you're looking to take your DIY lavender soap game to the next level, consider using lavender-infused oil in your soap recipes. Though we've detailed the role of lavender essential oils in soap making, infusing your oils, especially that of lavender, can significantly enhance the aromatic properties of your homemade soap. You can create this infused oil yourself, making it a delightful inclusion in any homemade soap recipes. It's also important to properly calculate how much lavender-infused oil to use in your soap recipes to maintain the right balance. With the series of step-by-step instructions and essential tools we've detailed earlier, your lavender soap-making journey should be an enjoyable one. Don't shy away from enhancements like lavender-infused oils that can make your soap bars extra special.


    Adding Lavender Tea in Soaps for Extra Benefits

     Ever thought of adding lavender tea to your soaps? Well, it's a brilliant idea with multiple benefits! When you add lavender tea to your soaps, you're not just giving it a sensational scent but also including some excellent qualities. Lavender is known for its stress-relieving characteristics, and it can offer its healing powers through your skin, via the soaps. In this DIY guide, we'll show you how to include this crucial ingredient—lavender tea—in your soap formulations for extra benefits. Lavender-infused oil, along with the right proportion of lavender essential oil, plays a key role in providing all the soothing attributes to your handmade soaps. Trust us; these lavender soap bars are worth the effort! You can add 1 tablespoon of a mixed herb lavender tea to your soap for a rustic look. This also adds to the exfoliate properties of your soap.


    Get Creative with Lavender Flowers in Soap


    If you're looking to get creative, making your own soap at home can be an enjoyable project. Soap making with aromatic lavender flowers can be an excellent way to dive into the process. Begin by purchasing lavender buds, a key ingredient for your soap recipe. Or buy whole lavender stem bundles more about that here.Use lavender buds generously throughout your soap to provide a natural exfoliate and add a calming fragrance. Not only are lavender buds easy to incorporate, but they also add a beautiful appearance to your final product. But the magic doesn't stop at the lavender buds. One top tip to enhance your soap is by infusing lavender essential oil, lavender-infused oil, or even lavender tea, which all provide extra benefits. Experience the satisfaction and excitement of creating uniquely scented, aesthetically pleasing soap bars right from your own kitchen.


    Ideas on How to Stick Lavender on Soap with Rubbing Alcohol


    lavender soap base after alcohol spray
    You need fresh ideas on how to stick lavender on soap bars. What's the secret? Rubbing alcohol. When making your DIY lavender soap at home, it's essential to add a touch of creativity with lavender flowers. Spraying your soap base with rubbing alcohol just before you sprinkle lavender flowers can do the trick. What happens is the alcohol helps the lavender stick to the soap, ensuring your lavender bits don't come off when used. Keep experimenting with the amount of lavender, infused oil, lavender tea, and essential oil you add to your soap recipe. Don't forget, the magic is in the lavender, as its fragrant aroma is renowned in soap making.


    DIY Different Types of Lavender Soaps


    There's a bunch of different types of lavender soaps you can DIY. Whether you're a soap making novice or a pro, lavender is a foolproof choice for a soap base. Its versatility and delightful aroma give you room to create countless types of soap that not only look pretty but also boast of beautiful benefits. Lavender-infused oil, for instance, gives your soap that rich, calming aroma everyone loves. Lavender tea offers numerous skin benefits, making it a lovely addition to your soap-making arsenal. Meanwhile, adding lavender flowers to your soap can add visual appeal and a rustic charm. Ever thought of using lavender essential oil in soap marking? It's a must-try for its potent fragrance. Figuring out how much lavender essential oil to use can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be whipping up loads of lavender soaps in no time! Mix your lavender with different types of soap bases like the ones listed above. Our favorites our honey, oatmeal, Shea butter and goat milk. You can also mix in other natural oils like bran oil, grapeseed oil, beer soap, rice bran, and way more.


    Comparison of Lavender Soap with Other DIY Bath & Body Crafts

     DIY bath and body crafts offer an exciting journey for soap-making enthusiasts. The comparison of lavender soap to other DIY projects gives you tremendous insights into the world of home craft. Alongside lavender soap, various crafts involving soap allow you to get creative, indulging in diverse soap recipes. Lavender, known for its soothing aroma, makes an exquisite ingredient for soap making. DIY lavender soap stands out with its uniqueness, wherein adding lavender tea or sticking lavender flowers onto soap bars, using rubbing alcohol, adds extra benefits. Incorporating lavender-infused oil into the soap recipe or calculating the right amount of lavender essential oil to use, can lead you to produce top quality bars. The role of lavender in this DIY process is indeed pivotal. You may also delve into similar DIY soap making projects as recommended by top crafting experts, and boost your bath and body craft skills.


    Wrap Up - DIY Lavender Soap Recipe for Beauty at Home

    Let's wrap up our DIY journey of creating lavender soap at home. It's not just a recipe, it's a crafting experience that brings beauty right into your home. You certainly felt the homely essence while understanding all the imperative steps, necessary tools, ingredients needed, and adhering to the step-by-step instructions on how to make lavender soap bars. You learned about the significant role lavender essential oil plays and how to calculate its usage in the recipe. We saw how to infuse lavender into oil, include lavender tea for added gains and explored the uniqueness of sticking flowers with some creative varieties of soaps at home.

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