Burning dried lavender

Burning dried lavender step by step to burning lavender

Written by: Victoria

Four steps to burning dried lavender.

  1. Collect organic non sprayed lavender stems 
  2. Using a food grade twine wrap the lavender about half way up the length of the stems. Tie a knot to secure the stems.
  3. Hang the lavender to dry for 2 weeks i use a paper clip hooked on the twine than hang from a string or hook more here.
  4. Finally make sure to place the lavender in a safe non flammable container and keep away from flammable objects. How to store dried lavender.

Burning lavender times for dried lavender by stem count

Burning lavender smudge stick

Number of stems  Burning Time
10-15 12 to 22 minutes
16-25 25-44 minutes
26-36 44- 1hr 11 minutes
37-47 1 hr. 10 minutes to 2 hrs. 34 minutes


What does burning lavender smell like

If you use a lavender with high oil content. When lavender buds open some of the oil is evaporated by the suns heat. It is best to have dried lavender harvested with the buds closed. These lavender stems have a pleasant but mild lavender scent a lot like lavender essential oils from stores. If the buds have opened you can expect the scent to be weaker. Some people prefer this. One of my favorites lavender for a smudge stick is Grotto lavender. It is often used in summer solstice events.


How to burn loose lavender

If your not wanting to use smudging stick, than you can burn lavender loose. Here are some tips for burning loose lavender.

  1. Use a fire proof container to avoid stems from rolling around.
  2. Keep away from windy areas once the lavender has turned to ash that can be blown around. 
  3. Layer the loose lavender stacking the stems like little logs. This helps make a nice steady smoke.

dried lavender bundle

Can you burn lavender like sage

Yes both lavender and sage have the same burning qualities. Sage will create more smoldering due to its large leaf structure. But both herbs have the same burning and smoking benefits.

Lavender smudge stick D.I.Y. cleansing incense

To create lavender smudge stick take any where from 10 to 20 lavender stems that have been dried. Wrap them with food safe twine 2/3 the way up the stem length and tie a knot to secure the lavender. The purpose of a smudge stick is usually spiritual so do not stress yourself trying to make it look perfect. 

What does lavender do when you burn it?

lavender stem burning

Burning lavender acts much like other dried herbs when they burn. You will see a small red ember on the tip on the burning dried lavender. Smoke should be a soft white gray color that creates a whisking effect. If you have dark or thick smoke you should stop burning. This is a sign non natural items have been added to the lavender. The ember will burn down the stem much like a sage cleansing stick or incense. Over time the ember will burn out and the smoke will stop at this point i recommend placing the lavender under water to ensure the ember is done burning.  If your looking for where to get dried lavender?

Can you use dried lavender stems for burning?

burning dried lavender

As described above yes lavender can be burned. You can burn dried lavender in the way described above. 

Can you burn dried lavender in a fireplace?

You can burn lavender in a fire place. However the smell of the wood being burned with most likely over power the scent of the lavender. We burn are lavender scrapes in the fireplace every fall and scent is very mild. You will need to use two to three bundles or about 40 stems to get a scent. 

What are the benefits of burning lavender leaves?

lavender smudge stick

There are no known benefits of burning any herbs. The purpose of lavender burning is for spiritual and relaxing. The scent of lavender does have some calming effects, shown in studies. By burning the lavender you release the scent. 


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